Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a global, scalable cloud infrastructure, supporting all your customers’ computing and applications requirements across hybrid and public cloud environments. It offers a rich variety of applications and services accessible via simple, secure application programming interfaces. Azure isn’t just a cloud infrastructure. It’s a complete ecosystem, blending Microsoft’s own range of cloud-based applications and services with others from thousands of third-party providers. There’s a type and level of service for every business customer on this global platform.

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s famous desktop operating system. This multi-device, cloud-friendly software marries the latest technology with more than 30 years of security and reliability refinements. It makes automated updates and security protection simple for busy companies while giving them all the tools and performance they need to get the job done. Windows 10 is the most feature-rich version of Microsoft’s industry-leading operating system. It includes a host of security, reliability, and functionality features that will make users safer and more productive while making life easier for administrators.