Help customers digitise paperwork with DocuSign. It’s a powerful cloud-based system for electronically signing documents that helps companies manage digital workflows from end to end.
DocuSign modernises paper-based workflows by introducing electronic signing solutions for digital documents. It automates processes including payment collections, and lets customers build powerful workflows to automate agreements and approval processes.
DocuSign introduces a range of cloud-based features designed from the ground up to make everyday business processes easier. It works on a wide variety of devices including touch-based mobile systems, making document signing a breeze.

Microsoft 365

Select the plans and features to provide your customers with productivity and security solutions that span the cloud and devices. Businesses are looking to balance the needs of an increasingly diverse and location-spread workforce, including those arising from the requirement for remote working, while addressing an ever-growing cyberthreat landscape. Microsoft 365 offers customers solutions to this challenge. Choose the Microsoft 365 plan that is right for your customer