Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft’s portfolio of management and security products unlocks flexible mobile working for your customers while keeping data and devices safe from attack.
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is a powerful mixture of mobility management and security services hosted in the cloud, and that gives administrators control over a wide range of company and employee-owned devices. Its identity management and data defence components provide the perfect mix of productivity and protection.
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is a multi-service, cloud-based solution that protects users and their data across multiple devices and applications. It bundles several services to give customers the best possible control of their mobile devices and data.

Microsoft InTune

Are mobile users straining your customers’ resources? Help them tame BYOD chaos with a mobile management solution to protect apps and data on the road.
Microsoft Intune is an integrated endpoint management platform that brings some calm to the mobile maelstrom. It administers all devices from a central point in the cloud, setting access policies and managing both devices and applications at once.
Microsoft Intune is the go-to management solution for companies grappling with multiplying mobile devices and platforms on their network. No matter who owns it or what it is, Intune brings it under your control, protecting business users and their data.