Cloud Phone System Supports Both Remote Working and Office Phone.

Futureproof your Communications with a Cloud Phone System / Hosted PBX System

A fully flexible business phone system – answer / make calls from any handset, laptop, desktop or smartphone (softphone) – from your office or remote location.

A Cloud Phone system, also known as a Hosted PBX, is a VOIP phone (Voice over Internet Protocol) that is hosted in the Cloud instead of on-premise. A Cloud Phone System offers advanced features and flexibility that an on-premise phone system simply does not. It also removes the need for costly fixed hardware.

Cloud telephony can offer integration with business apps and also provide you with multi-location access, worker mobility, click-to-call, voice message to email and many other functionalities.

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Use Softphone across multiple devices such as laptop, desktop or smartphone

Softphone app on laptop – Cloud Phone System

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Get the latest handsets without the upfront capital costs

Choose from the latest Yealink business handsets. We are an authorised Yealink Reseller. Yealink Handsets are available with the following features:

Microsoft Teams Certified

Android and Bluetooth Connection

720p Video Cam

7″ Touchscreen

Web Browser Built-in

HD Voice Audio

Noise Reduction

Yealink logo YeaLink Phone system

How does a cloud phone system work?

With cloud telecoms, the PBX is virtualised on a cloud server and managed via a secure web-based interface. Easily manage new extensions, route calls, automatic greetings (“dial 1 for reception, dial 2 for sales” etc.) share directories and voicemails. All of our solutions can be configured with advanced features such as secure, PCI compliant voicemail and call recording storage, voicemail to email, CRM integration, mobile phone integration, call forwarding and much more.

Cloud Phone System – Radius Technologies Waterford

What are the benefits of cloud telephony?

On top of saving you time and no capital spending on hardware, here are some reasons our customers choose Hosted PBX for their business phone systems:

Radius Telecoms Products – Softphone

Business Phone System on Any Device

Radius Telecoms Products – Phone Systems & Accessories

Add/Remove Users Whenever you Want

Radius Telecom Solutions – Slash Call Costs with VoIP

Remote Work from Any Location

Radius Cloud Telecom Services – Reduce costs

Create Custom Menus, On-hold Messaging, View User Call Metrics, and Call Recording Functionality

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Fully Supported Telecoms Helpdesk

Phone System Integration for Microsoft Teams

Keep Everyone Connected From Any Device or Location

Microsoft Teams Phone System – PBX VOIP Integration

Now you can achieve the best in class communications with phone functionality, video conferencing, emailing and chat – right within Microsoft Teams.

Do you use Microsoft Teams? Now, your teams can use it for their telephony too. Our unique and easy-to-use solution offers all the capabilities of a business telephone integrated with Microsoft Office 365. We offer full Microsoft Teams Phone Integration with your Voip Phone System.

For enterprise subscribers, it’s as simple as connecting Teams to your VOIP phone system, then adding as many users as you want to call from any device, in any location. You’ll receive a new dial pad for your system with the Teams interface, then seamlessly make phone calls and experience the groundbreaking benefits of combining Microsoft Teams with VoIP calling.

See the demonstration video below.

Common uses of the Microsoft Teams Phone System

Replace office phones (handsets) with Softphones on PC, Tablet or Smartphone to achieve cost savings

Full Company phone directory (no need for extension numbers) searchable by name of the person

Each user receives a direct dial number

Make or Take Microsoft Teams Calls

Add phone contacts to Teams Meetings instantly

Click to Call phone functionality within any Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Voicemail to Outlook email

Provides a truly remote office experience inside or outside the office

Unified phone support via the Radius Helpdesk

Our Microsoft Teams Phone Integration seamlessly combines a hosted PBX with Microsoft’s enterprise-level video conferencing, extensive call features, collaborative tools and your Office 365 applications for an all-in-one digital workspace.

Why choose Microsoft Teams Phone System

Beautiful and Intuitive design

Time-saving integration increase efficiency

Quick and Easy to set up

Remote Working Approved as the interface is easily accessible from any device

*You must have an enterprise or business level Microsoft Office 365 subscription and a cloud phone system to qualify for Microsoft Teams Phone Integration.

Watch the video – Microsoft Teams and Phone Integration

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Radius Comms Consolidation – Cable Installation

Full installation

number migration and solution installation carried out and supported by our nationwide team of experienced and qualified engineers

Radius Telecoms Products – Softphone

Make and receive calls directly from Office 365

unlock your meetings from fixed connectivity constraints. Simplify your communications by making calls on the same platform where your meeting is taking place

Document sharing

Integrated with Office 365 applications

Sharepoint and OneDrive to share files during conferencing and offline. You can even record the meeting to share and watch back when you need to

Radius IT and Data Security – Network security hardening

Highly secure and GDPR compliant

keep your business and client data secure with advanced compliance features such as diversion inhibitors, voice call encryption, inbound call recording. Our cloud telecoms infrastructure is based in Ireland and is subject to EU controls and safeguards

Radius Telecoms Products – VoIP

Multi-device per user

Combine your office phone, smartphone and PC or Mac into one route to make sure you get every single call no matter where you are

Radius Office 365 – Conferencing made easy

Fail-proof your system

Combines the dependability of a cloud phone system with the efficiency and functionality of MS Teams for a business communications solution that will never let you down


Deploy On Any Device – PC, Laptop or Smartphone

Reduce costs and increase flexiblilty

Cloud Telecoms

Softphone for Cloud Telephony

Radius Softphone solutions provide a conventional landline number that simply routes call via the internet and onto your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. This allows seamless access to your work landlines, wherever you or your team are located.

Features of Softphone:

Loaded with features such as conference calling, voicemail, call forwarding, and address book, Softphone is the ideal solution for any workplace where employees need to work offsite with minimal disruption. Softphones are also ideal for flexible offices, as the IT and phone networks share the same wired or WiFi internet connection, making it a breeze to set up a new desk or move staff between desks (hot desking).

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Radius Cloud Telecom Services – Reduce costs

Reduce hardware costs

No need for a telephone handset at every desk. The laptop or desktop PC handles all IT, internet and voice communications.

Radius Call Management

Simple call management

Access work landlines remotely, easily forward calls to mobile devices or off-site laptops. Access voicemail, set up conference calls, and more via a simple interface.

On-Premise Phone Systems

Panasonic Telephone Systems

Reliable and Easy to Use

World-Leading Telephone System Suitable for any Business

Radius is an approved reseller of Panasonic Business telephone systems. We offer the Panasonic PBX hybrid systems as part of our on-premise telephone solution. These systems can cater for all line types “PSTN/ISDN and VOIP” while affording our clients flexibility in terms of fitting their existing cabled infrastructure thus avoiding the need to re-cable the entire office.

Panasonic on-premise phone systems come with a wide range OF PERIPHERAL PRODUCTS including, call recording, call centre software, call reporting software and much much more. Our on-premise solutions also allow our clients to fix their call costs regardless of traffic levels, this approach to telecoms totally eliminates bill shock and ensures your phone system runs as efficiently as possible.

The Panasonic systems allow you to migrate to IP functionality gradually, which can be useful when managing your budget. Offering flexible call management and a varied terminal line-up, this telephone system is the perfect solution for wireless communication needs.

To find out more about on-premise phone systems, please get in touch with our sales team today.

Dubber Call Recording and Transcription AI

Record any conversation for real insights

Dubber Call Recording

Stay Compliant with Secure Call Recording

Radius brings you Dubber Call Recording & Transcription AI. This is a ground-breaking Cloud-based call recording and voice AI (artificial intelligence) platform.

Compliantly record without hardware, storage or hassles. Transcribed and enriched with AI-powered insights in an instant. Available on your phone or browser. Built for business and government by the #1 global leader in Unified Call Recording.

By 2025, 75% of conversations at work will be recorded and analysed, enabling the discovery of added organisational value or risk

Certified Microsoft Teams Unified Call Recording

Compliance call recording certified for Microsoft Teams. And it’s in the Cloud so you can turn it on with a click. Achieve compliance outcomes on Microsoft Teams. Securely and compliantly record calls with Dubber’s unified call recording and Voice AI solution for Microsoft Teams.

Record, store and encrypt all call data as required by HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, KYC, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and more

Respond to regulatory requests and investigations in real-time

Get alerted instantly on potential fraud or compliance breaches

Set controls to capture, access, and retain all the calls that are needed in line with privacy requirements and policies.

Unified Call Recording

Securely record all of your conversations to ensure accurate record-keeping and regulatory compliance.

It’s in the cloud – turn it on with a click. No hardware needed.

Replay calls instantly in the web portal or mobile app

Unlimited recording downloads

Flexible retention periods

Strict user permission controls

PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, KYC, MiFID II, HIPAA compliant and more

Instant search

Voice Intelligence Cloud

Enrich call recordings with Voice AI to enhance sales and service team productivity, improve customer experience and enable proactive compliance.

Automatic call transcriptions

Line-by-line sentiment analysis

Customised notifications of negative calls and keyword alerts

Advanced API for integration of call data in BI tools and apps

Templated call and AI data dashboards and reports

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Radius Comms Consolidation – Cable Installation

Stay secure and compliant

Make sure every Microsoft Teams call is securely recorded for compliance.

Radius Telecoms Products – Softphone

Improve Customer Satisfaction & CX

Deep customer insights with real-time sentiment analysis, keyword notifications and customer satisfaction reports

Document sharing

Boost Productivity & Performance

Automatically create meeting notes; reduce manual data entry with integration of voice data into your CRM

Radius IT and Data Security – Network security hardening

Fast Dispute Resolution

Ensure 100% of calls are automatically captured and instantly accessible for quick dispute resolution

Radius Telecoms Products – VoIP

Quick and easy set-up

It’s in the cloud – turn it on with a click. No hardware needed.

Radius Office 365 – Conferencing made easy

Fail-proof your system

Combines the dependability of a cloud phone system with the efficiency and functionality of MS Teams for a business communications solution that will never let you down

Managed Services