We are ideally located in the South East of Ireland. Our IT experience is global, here at Mastertech.cloud we have extensive backgrounds in all areas of IT and cloud based operations. We offer consultancy, support and cloud services, providing technical guidance, support and hands-on delivery throughout your time with us. We value our customers and understand your time is precious. To optimise your business’ productivity we would love to have a chat with you to see how we can help you and your team get more out of your working week.

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The cloud is a term used to describe secure hosted resources accessible via the Internet. These cloud services can be accessed from anywhere and anytime and charged for based upon your usage.

Servers, storage, networking, apps and other cloud services like email, video conferencing and secure storage can be provisioned quickly and managed by us at Mastertech.

The cloud services and resources we provide are accessible on demand from your office and remote seamlessly and are scalable from 1 to 1,000 as required.

You never need to be concerned about the data residency of your information by default we instruct our partners to store your data in the closest Europe Datacentre, which is Dublin, Ireland. Your backup and archive data will always be under EU regulations.

When registering your Office 365 tenant, Microsoft will place your tenant within the appropriate Geolocation based on the usage address that you are using during the registration. Various services from Microsoft use different physical locations but these will typically be grouped under one Geolocation – which for us is “North Europe”, aka Dublin.

We only ever recommend upgrading to the optimal hardware when required. To put that in any terms, your software can only run and perform as well as the hardware beneath it. Sometimes PC’s cant handle the update that software requires to work with cloud technology and requires an upgrade. However, limitations are not always hardware, in fact sometimes the upgrade required is the operating system…. Windows 7 to Windows 8 to Windows 10. Please understand that when we recommend you go to windows 10 you may need to upgrade your hardware.



We Offer IT Support 24/7

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We are available to deal with your queries and remedy within due time thanks to our professional automation services system.

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From Cloud to IT solutions for your business, Mastertech offers a wide variety of services.

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Our specialty is the Cloud, we can get you up and running in nanoseconds once all prerequisites have been met.

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Online security is our number one concern and is vital to a successful operational business online.

Power of the cloud

With highly professional security infrastructure in place, Mastertech.Cloud ensures an all around secure platform for your online business to be carried out everyday.

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